Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Pictures!!

I could wax metaphorically about how and why I haven't blogged.  Or I have a 2-year-old :)

We went & had Duncan's 2 year pictures taken today.  Yes, I know he's been 2 for almost 6 months.  For some reason, going to the photo place during Christmas on a Sunday seemed like a good idea.

It wasn't.  The experience, however, made Aaron & I realize we're actually not doing so bad at this parenting thing!

Aaaand here are the pictures :)  There are some duplicates because the people at Sears really like us.  Also they double-booked our session and then let someone go ahead of us for the review session.  So there are enhanced images.

Here we go!

This is my favorite.


Friday, August 10, 2012

adventures in parenting aka why I only have one child

Soo...yesterday evening I went out to grab the mail.  Out of habit once I unlocked the front door and opened it I flipped the lock.  This was a mistake.

As you may know, Duncan is obsessed with shutting doors.  Normally it takes an act of Congress to get our front door open or closed.  Not last night.  That thing slammed like a hurricane came through.

**You should note that I had locked the door**

Duncan locked me out.  I wasn’t wearing shoes.  I had on my at home yoga pants and a tank top, stylishly accessorized with a ThermaCare wrap on my shoulder.  Nor did I have my keys (why would I have my keys?  I was just grabbing the mail…).  I proceeded to not panic.  Which is a slight miracle in itself.  And then walked to the back door.  Did you know there are thistle-y things in my yard?  I didn’t.  I do now.

Guess what happened when I tried to open the back door?  Nothing.  I was 100% locked out.  Crap.  (well, I may have used stronger language but this is a family blog!)

It's August.  We have one open window:  above the sink in the kitchen.  Which is about 8 feet (or 500) off the ground.  I first tried standing on a cooler we have out back.  Not even close. 

I went to the garage (note I’m still barefoot).  I somehow managed to get the garage door open and not disturb the yellow jacket nests or piss off any spiders.  Lo and behold!  A step ladder!  I could now get 3 feet high!  Please note that I’m 5’2” tall.

I drug the stepladder back to underneath the window.   Using it properly got me…not even close.  Improperly?  Closer.

I gingerly stepped onto the top of the ladder.  The part you’re supposed to use as a handle.  I managed to beat the screen out.  I then (somehow) managed to grab the inside of the window then scramble to a precarious perch in the window.  At this point, Duncan saw me and realized I wasn’t in the house.  Because I was hanging in the window.  He looked at me with a  “what the heck are you doing there?” look and proceeded ignore me.

I teetered and tottered and got a leg through the window.  And made it back into the house.  I checked Duncan (he was fine…lucky kid) and then washed all the dirt off me.  Pretty much lost it, got it back and ate a bowl of ice cream.  With caramel.  Because I deserved it.

This is why, if anyone asks, I have one child.  Because 2 of them colluding against me?  **shudder** I don't want to think about it.

PS.  I went into the living room after I was cleaned up and my son was sitting on the couch with my reading glasses on, "reading" my Kindle. 

PSS.  Full “I’m a great mom” confession:  Duncan tripped earlier in the evening and has a goose egg from landing on the heating grate.

PSSS.  Duncan will probably survive until he’s 10.  I may not…

PSSSS.  A "real" blog post should be up soon.  Or eventually...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Look...Halley's Comet!!

Would you look at that?  It's Halley's Comet!  (or I'm trying to distract into not noticing that it's been over 3 months since I last posted).  Shhhh...

Happy Christmas to all!!!  A lovely time was had by all at the Tinsley house.  Duncan received a letter from Santa.  It was super cute & might have made me cry a little.  Then he was sent a video from Santa via email!  We discovered Duncan was on the "Nice" list this year because he was a good & clever boy :)

Many Christmas cards were received.  Ours will probably be sent around New Year's.  I'm a bit behind on stuff.

Between September & December the following happened:

Many new teeth.  
Duncan can walk.
and climb.
and run.
4 birthdays were celebrated in the family
Christmas was here!  

The walking/climbing/running is my excuse for not blogging.  

Lots of other fun stuff happened, I'm sure.  But I am far too tired to contemplate it at the moment.  

I have the remote!

So cute when he's sleeping
My Momma is silly

Learning to walk

Must.  Escape.

Just kidding.  Or am I???

Still trying to escape

Daddy's Halloween candy

Climbing 101

A boy, his bear & blankie.

Get yer motor running

My Momma

Drinking & driving...

Auntie Erin's cellphone


Open space = FREEDOM

This is my present to Nunkie.

It is very fun.

Must.  Get.  To.  Presents!

Naptime for Beary

It's Christmas Eve & I'm ready & no one else is...

I really like this small creature

Here I will share a ball.

Yes, that package is for me.  Yes, I am ignoring it.

whew.  done.

PS:  I tried to add videos but blogspot is being a pill.  So I'll try again later.